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23 Mar

Getting to know Adam Porteous


Posted by: Adam Porteous


Thanks for stopping by. So, to tell you the truth, this is literally my first ever blog post. I am going to do my very best to keep these posts regular and up to date with everything tat is going on in the mortgage world and helpful topics to tide you over. However, my first post I thought you should learn a little bit about me.

I grew up as a competitive swimmer which I credit for building my time management and self drive. Swimming is both an individual and team sport, but waking up at 4am 4 days a week when you’re a teenager takes drive….and maybe a little crazy.
I had many great accomplishments in the sport but I would say my most prized include, back to back Youth National Championships, competing at numerous Olympic Trials and medalling at the Commonwealth Trials in Victoria BC.

After school and wrapping up my swimming career, I got into the auto industry. I began with the NewRoads Automotive Group. I truly believe they are hands down the best automotive group in Canada and truly inspired me to be great at whatever I do. Here they taught me about sales and how to really communicate with people, listen and build rapport. A few years later I received an opportunity to represent HWY 11 Chrysler as the Finance Manager. This too was a great opportunity for me and I learned a lot about dealing with lenders and working with finance and insurance. Needless to say with all the paperwork that came with this role, I had to be at the top of my organization game!
My next venture lead me to Barrie Volkswagen where I was the pre owned manager of the dealership. I worked with a great GM at the time who taught me all there was to know about the pre owned auto market and we were able to turn that department around from being one of the poorest performing pre owned departments in the Dilawri automotive group to consistently ranking in the top 5.

Which brings me to today. A new career path with the mentor I was really hoping for. I am exited to flourish and blow away expectations in 2020!